Living through Current Events, Living in the News

Living through Current Events, Living in the News


The news is generally not a source of feel-good information, but lately I have seen both in myself and others that the content and proliferation has a way of really affecting us.

Whether or not the world has become scarier or we just know more about it is a different discussion. But the way our lives are currently set up in our access to technology has made it more difficult to get a break from it all. A part of us doesn’t want to hear the news, yet a part of us has a natural curiosity. Or maybe we weren’t even looking for it but a friend on social media posted about it, and before we know it, we are already sucked in.

For example: Over the last year, I’ve worked with both men and women who were very affected by the ongoing discussions of sexual abuse and latest scandals. It’s the content, but it’s also that it’s everywhere. For some, reading and hearing about sexual abuse has led them to confront their own traumas in a more honest and vulnerable way, as they have become aware of residual issues they are still carrying around even if they aren’t “traumatized”.

I don’t think there are simple answers for how to relate to technology and current events. But one thing that can definitely help is implementing ways to bring more mindfulness and stillness into one’s day, especially if they are immersed in current events. That before we get started on the day and start reading the news, we take the time to meditate or do something that brings us some balance. We can set intentions for how we’d like to approach life and the expected and unexpected twists and turns that we encounter. We can become more aware of how we feel in our bodies and take note when we are feeling uncomfortable and need to recharge or take a break from what we are reading or watching.